Meet the Pack

Saar Calev

Delivery Director

About Saar

I joined Bluewolf after completing a Masters in Economics with Honors from Hunter College. Since starting at Bluewolf, I became a certified SFDC Administrator and Consultant, and was given the opportunity to lead projects for companies in media, finance, energy, and healthcare, all of which are at the top of their industries. What I love most about working with clients is the ???Eureka?? moment, when I recognize I have a solution to a challenge they face. I derive satisfaction from improving my clients' functionality to better reflect their most current business processes.

The thing I enjoy most about working at Bluewolf is the sense of freedom to act on my ideas and to find my own way to succeed

Why Bluewolf

I also appreciate the shared knowledge in the company. There is a strong openness that allows everyone to approach each other and tap into a huge experience repository. This is a true comparative advantage.

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