Robert I help customers design, prioritize, and implement business strategies through the aid of scalable business systems. With my technical qualifications in tools that touch every aspect of a customer’s lifecycle, along with working in over 20+ CRM platforms, I provide guidance on how to structure system functionality with all processes and dependencies in mind. Additionally, I mentor a team of business analyst and consultants within our Services practice. As their manager, I train and guide them through the skills required in executing as project leads and subject matter experts within their own engagements. CBU Engagement Manager The unique projects and challenges I get to tackle along with the wide range of industries and clients I get to interact with. This combined with a team full of talented and extremely intelligent individuals is what makes me feel at home with Bluewolf. Running, Swimming, Yoga, Motorcycling, Muay Thai, Audio Engineering 015E0000001U4pDIAS Robert Ong

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