Jennifer The majority of my career (20+ years) has been spent in the Financial Services industry, a dapple in the Healthcare Services industry, and currently (3 years) at Bluewolf. I've been fortunate to gain experience in employee and customer engagement, talent management (human capital management), employee relations, change management, strategic planning, marketing and communications, program management and execution, product management, relationship management, training, mentoring, media relations, and event planning. I love working hard and the challenge to help simplify and make the lives of those I am serving easier, identify effective strategies, motivate, offer fresh perspective, help others identify their talents and potential-- and become an ambassador for engagement, change, improvement, vision, and passion. It's important to me that I don't measure my accomplishments solely by my professional contributions-- but also by how many lives I've managed to positively impact. Talent Coach I chose Bluewolf because the culture is irresistible! I am honored to be part of an organization that shares my enthusiasm and passion for clients (internal and external) and commitment to their success. I am drawn to the Bluewolf environment especially because of the endless opportunity for personal and professional growth and leadership development, as well as working with fellow Bluewolf colleagues and clients from all over the world. Singing, cooking, mission trips, travel, and enjoying my family & friends 015E0000001U4pxIAC Jennifer Franko

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