Meet the Pack

Brianne Farrar

About Brianne

I have always been fanatical about reading and writing (even grammar — nerd alert). Before joining Bluewolf, I worked as a copywriter at a digital advertising agency for clients like eBay, Kipling, Walmart, and Delta Dental Insurance. Before advertising life, I worked in the Literary Department at William Morris Endeavor in NYC, turning manuscripts into real printed books and bemoaning eReaders’ plight on publishing (I got over it). I graduated with an English degree from Harvard, where I learned that “thusly” was not a word and that Ugg boots are not suitable snowshoes.

No one has an ego

Why Bluewolf

Everyone is willing to pitch in, no matter how small the task or how out of their wheelhouse a project might be. There is a great sense of camaraderie that makes me excited to come to work every day and eager to learn from my teammates.

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Reading, running slowly over long distances, eating cheese, meticulously curating my Pinterest boards, petting any Doodle I see, listening to podcasts

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