Our Services

We enable companies of any size and industry to deliver customer moments that drive a competitive advantage–now.

A successful business transformation requires more than just technology, it requires a partner that can quickly help you achieve a return on innovation. Our Customer Success Architecture™ ensures that employee and customer experience align to industry-specific needs across sales, marketing, service, and IT. 


Salesforce consulting for implementation, system integration, and innovation with Salesforce developers



Bluewolf AlignTM establishes consensus on how to design valuable customer and employee experiences with Salesforce.

Bluewolf BlueprintTM translates your vision into a plan and roadmap to go-live and with confidence.



Bluewolf BuildTM brings functionality to life across all Salesforce clouds and products. 

Bluewolf GoTM gets companies up and running with core Salesforce functionality, quickly–in 30 or 60 days.


Bluewolf BeyondTM is an innovation strategy for  Salesforce organizations to continually connect employee and customer engagement to measurable business value. 


Our Proven Approach                
 Our tech-enabled method reduces deployment time by up to 50%. Combined with our cross-cloud and industry accelerators, we get results faster and with less risk.