Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning is the future of Salesforce. Make it yours too.

Rethink User Behavior with Salesforce Lightning

Lightning helps employees sell, service, and market more effectively and drive better customer experiences.

Drive a Successful Salesforce Lightning Transition

Learn four strategies for a successful transition to Lightning.

Does Your Business Have Hindsight, Insight, or Foresight?

To gain a competitive advantage of AI capabilities in Salesforce, you'll need to transition to Lightning.

How the Best Companies are Innovating with Lightning

Discover the Power of Lightning eGuide
Salesforce Lightning is the future of Salesforce. Make it yours too.
As a designated Salesforce Global Strategic Partner, we created this Lightning eGuide to share our expertise.
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News Corp Australia
Simplifying Sales and Service Workflows with Salesforce Lightning
News Corp's subscription process resolves cases faster, with 20% fewer clicks and 60% fewer screens.
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Modernizing B2B Sales Processes with Salesforce Lightning
T-Mobile reduced a complex 120-click process down to just 8 clicks.
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Improved Sales Experience and Efficiency in Less than 4 Months with Lightning.
After 17 years of running our entire business on a heavily customized Salesforce org, we made the transition to Lightning and it made our lives easier.
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Open Universities Australia
Customizing Student Experiences with Salesforce Lightning
OUA has increased its overall conversion rate by almost 50%, and has reduced its on-boarding process from several months to just weeks.
Bluewolf's Lightning Transition Services

Minimum Complexity

For Salesforce orgs without Visualforce pages & JavaScript. Learn More

    2 weeks, $10k


Low to Moderate Complexity 

For Salesforce orgs that have low to moderate Visualforce & Javascript complexity. Learn More

    5-14 weeks, $30k-$70k


High Complexity

For Salesforce orgs that have heavy Visualforce & Javascript complexity. Learn More

    15-20 weeks, $70k-$100k


Very Complex

For Salesforce orgs that have Apex code and customization, we recommend starting with a detailed Lightning evaluation & implementation roadmap. Connect with us

    3-4 week assessment, $10-$30k

Bluewolf + Salesforce Lightning

As a dedicated Salesforce Global Strategic Partner, Bluewolf offers packaged services to transition customers from Classic to Lightning.

Run your Lightning Readiness and VisualForce Check
Kick off your Lightning Readiness Check to see which key features and customizations that you've implemented are ready for Lightning.

Not sure which Lightning transition plan is right for you?
Talk with a Bluewolf Lightning Expert evaluate your Readiness Check and discuss the right transition path for your business. 


Bluewolf + Salesforce Lightning

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