AI Now™ for Telecommunications

Built for high-volume contact centers, this solution provides richer customer experience across all channels, reduces churn, strengthens retention, and increases revenue with higher product penetration.

Leveraging the power of IBM Design Thinking through the Vlocity platform and Salesforce.  Bluewolf AI Now ™ provides the following capabilities:

  • Augmented Customer Intelligence Using IBM Watson APIs – The solution incorporates Watson Conversation and Personality Insights technologies to enhance customer engagement across multiple channels, including web, chat, mobile and social. When needed, Watson will equip agents with insights that can help them better interact with each customer, increasing satisfaction, helping reduce call resolution and order processing times, and boosting their cross-sell and upsell opportunities
  • Industry-Specific Functionality, Powered by Vlocity – Vlocity embeds industry-specific functionality, best practices, and processes within the solution, like commercial cataloging and contract lifecycle management, in adherence with TM Forum global CSP standards for compliance and workflows.
  • Real-Time Charging and Billing with MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform – MATRIXX enables always-on customer engagement and instant invoicing for any product or service  
  • Mobile First and Omni-channel Experience – Native iOS mobile applications provide CSPs the ability to tailor customer-facing apps, customer service and sales management, with full offline capabilities anytime, anywhere.

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