Bluewolf Go™ for Salesforce Lightning

Bluewolf Go™ for Salesforce Lightning

The Smartest Way to Transition to Lightning Experience, Fast
Minimum Complexity

2 weeks, $10k

Low to Moderate Complexity

8-18 weeks, $30k-$105k

High Complexity

Begin for Lightning Assessment - See details




Lightning Experience saves T-Mobile reps an average of 7 hours a week. Read the full story.

Salesforce has selected Bluewolf as the designated Global Strategic Partner for the Lightning Delivery Center, a new service to move customers from Classic to Lightning Experience. But a successful transition to Lightning Experience isn’t the same for every company. 
Bluewolf Go for Lightning
  • For All Customers. Packaged services supporting a full range of customer needs.

  • Simple. An easy move to Lightning Experience for every existing Salesforce org.

  • End-to-End Experience. Packages include converting Visualforce pages and JavaScript buttons to change management support.

A Solution for Every Need
  • Minimum Complexity
    For companies that do not have Visualforce pages or JavaScript.
    2 weeks

  • Low to Moderate Complexity
    For companies that currently have Visualforce pages & JavaScript.
    8-18 weeks

  • High Complexity
    For companies that have custom or Apex code.
    A transition package is coming soon. We recommend starting with an assessment:
    Begin for Lightning
    See details
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Lightning Experience Readiness Check
To evaluate whether some of the key features and customizations you’ve implemented are ready for Lightning Experience, kick off the Readiness Check and Visualforce Check.

After you run the Readiness Check, schedule a meeting with a Bluewolf expert to determine the Bluewolf Go for Lightning solution that's right for your business.

Salesforce has selected Bluewolf as the designated Global Strategic Partner for the
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