Women Innovators Network

For women who inspire

Women's equality has hit one milestone: awareness. To reach the next milestone and see real changes in business leadership's makeup, we need to take action. 

This year's WIN event focused on how to empower women to move from middle management to senior leadership. We heard from IBM leader and one of Fortune's 50 most powerful women, Bridget van Kralingen, on how to position yourself as a strategic thinker to climb the ladder. 

Our panel, featuring honorees from Silverado, L'Oreal, and Mercedes-Benz tackled a range of issues from carving out a seat at the table to how to solve tough leadership challenges and move your career forward. Watch the full video and join the conversation.

The Women Innovators Network (WIN) was founded by Bluewolf to celebrate the accomplishments of women: women who inspire, lead, and empower business transformation. 


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