Bluewolf Sightline

A patented solution that reduces risk, and accelerates innovation with Salesforce.

Bluewolf Sightline is our project delivery tool designed exclusively to support ongoing innovation within Salesforce. Sightline is a patented solution that works across projects to make the process collaborative, seamless, and high quality so your employees and customers remain engaged, and your business realizes great outcomes faster.

How Bluewolf Sightline Works

Ensures Quality

Maintains quality throughout the project and ensures any present or future change does not break existing functionality. 

Saves Time

Eliminates manual steps in testing and release, reducing deployment time by as much as 50%.

Produces Flawless Delivery

Reports and dashboards keep everyone across the team collaborating, abreast of where functionality is in the development process, and when it will ultimately be available to users.

Sightline offers a complete innovation framework, including support for:

  • Requirements capture & backlog management
  • Sprint management & monitoring
  • Quality assurance (QA) testing
  • Release planning & management
  • Environmental management
  • System documentation
  • Compliance

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