2/3 of all sales quotes result in a loss. How much is your quoting process costing you? 

Hear how POLITICO automated its quoting process with a CPQ solution — and saw its average revenue increase by 17% in the six months following the rollout. Join Becca Smith, Director of Revenue Operations at POLITICO, and Raymond Juarez, CPQ Practice Director at Bluewolf, to hear:

  • How POLITICO decided on the right CPQ solution 
  • How to build a business case to support a new tool
  • And how to orient your sales team to drive adoption 

Join Bluewolf and POLITICO to learn more:

  • Thursday, May 26
  • 10AM PST / 1PM EST

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Raymond Juarez, Bluewolf Becca Smith, POLITICO

Raymond Juarez

CPQ Practice Director, Bluewolf

Becca Smith

Director of Revenue, POLITICO



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