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B2C in The Age of Intelligent Marketing

Marketers by the thousands watched the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Keynote on the first day of Dreamforce 2017 looking not only for a rundown of new features, but for examples of real people using real features of the platform to deliver customer moments that drive revenue. Of everything shared, these are the most interesting developments:

The Partnership with Google

Every web manager, campaigner and marketing analyst in the room perked up when Salesforce’s partnership with Google was announced. Connecting Google Analytics with Salesforce can help these roles draw the connection between top of the funnel activities on the web with end of the funnel performance. Your next step: confirm your Salesforce platform can accommodate the new features expected to roll out in early 2018.

Improvements for Email and Personalized Journey Maps

Email managers in the audience were happy to learn about Email Studio and Mobile Studio’s ability to create personalized messages at scale. Interactive Content makes emails stand out and Einstein Engagement Scoring identifies non-responsive prospects, so marketers can quickly re-engage prospects through alternate channels. Journey Builder connects the consumer journey, including alternate paths. Coming are Distributed Marketing to empower non-marketers like partners and franchisees to engage through personalized messaging and Journey Templates to get marketers up and running around common use cases.

AI and Real-time Responses

Nobody could disagree that data is the lifeblood of forward-looking marketing organizations. Salesforce DMP (Data Management Platform) harnesses data at scale to deepen interaction and broaden reach. DMP Einstein Segmentation democratizes machine learning to identify distinct audience segments to tailor personalized messaging. Data hounds will look forward to Two-Way Integration (available in January) to personalize communications when DMP becomes integrated with the rest of Marketing Cloud.

Fidelity described how Marketing Cloud underpinned their "The Moments that Matter" initiative create critical engagement with over 28 million investors. The Sierra Club had the agility to deliver 60,000 signatures to protest U.S. pulling out of Paris Treaty. oriented their marketing around key populations, including their Gold Customers using Einstein machine learning to identify customer attributes for personalized marketing.

Together, these tools enable marketers, advertisers and sales to collaborate around a data-driven, omnichannel conversation that drives real business outcomes. Early customers like and Fidelity are seeing a 500% increase in engagement.

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Marketers by the thousands watched the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Keynote on the first day of...

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