B2B Marketing Keynote

Find and nurture more leads, close more deals, and maximize ROI

Augmented Intelligence is changing best practices for B2B Marketing as it empowers marketers to increasingly influence revenue growth.

In order to take advantage of AI for marketing, an organization must have a single source of truth for customer data across sales and marketing. You cannot personalize interactions, leverage AI, or gain insights if you have data spread haphazardly across many platforms.

Engage, Nurture, and Close More Deals

Lead analytics can help to identify new prospects using lookalike audiences. We can create new prospect segments that look just like our best customers, target those prioritized prospects on their digital channels of choice, and then nurture those prospects with personalized landing pages that include dynamic content and smart forms. Inside Salesforce Pardot, we can create a personalized experience for every buyer using actions, triggers, and rules, and then make changes on the fly based on real-time performance analytics. Einstein Analytics, which is integrated into the nurture funnel, surfaces the most important insights from past performance, segments, and content to help guide your campaigns and better understand and target specific customers.

Intelligent Account Based Marketing

ABM is not just about finding new leads and new business, but expanding existing business within key accounts.

With Einstein for ABM, you are able to focus on high value leads, log prospect data automatically, discover key business developments, and prioritize the right deals. With predictive lead scoring, you are able to prioritize the leads most likely to close and make smarter decisions about where to invest your ABM marketing dollars. Surfacing the right behavioral insights means you can send hyper-relevant messages at the right time and maintain a consistent, meaningful relationship with your customers and prospects, ultimately driving ROI.

Augmented Intelligence is changing best practices for B2B Marketing as it empowers marketers to...

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