When Less Does More: Reducing 120 Clicks to 8

Bluewolf helped make every interaction streamlined and efficient.

Bob Bird, Senior Manager, Salesforce Operations

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Why is simpler better?


For T-Mobile’s B2B sales team, creating quotes for custom orders can be made simpler and faster on a global scale by automating its entire sales ordering process.


By working with the Bluewolf Beyond™ team, T-Mobile could transition to Salesforce Lightning and streamline its entire sales process–Configure Price Quote (CPQ), Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), and Billing. With the front office and back office connected, T-Mobile’s sales reps could create orders, receive approvals, and close deals on the spot with iPad apps.


T-Mobile’s new Quote-to-Cash system provides full visibility–from the moment there’s a sales or renewal opportunity to revenue recognition. Sales can complete new deals and renewals in less time, and automatically generate quotes for new opportunities. With Sales connected to operations, legal, and finance, T-Mobile reduces its sales process from 120 clicks down to just 8 and empowers its employees to deliver the buying experience customers demand.


fewer clicks in the sales process


hours saved a week for sales reps


faster renewals process

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