How NJ Processes Unemployment Appeals in 30 days, Instead of 189

New Jersey Department of Labor
How New Jersey Processes Unemployment Appeals in 30 days, Instead of 189
Salesforce Service Cloud

The DOL is 1 of 16 executive branch departments in New Jersey state government.


The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development (NJ DOL), responsible for managing and processing all of the state’s unemployment insurance claims, needs a system of record that provides proof of its compliance with the U.S. Department of Labor’s time-lapse regulations on the response time of appeals of upper and lower authorities, and enables faster handling time.


The NJ DOL could partner with the Bluewolf Build™ team to replace its legacy system with Salesforce Service Cloud and a proprietary Salesforce FullForce certified solution, Bluewolf AppealsTrak, to modernize and improve how it serves New Jersey’s citizens and ensure due process.


In just sixteen weeks, the ND DOL was up and running on its new systems. AppealsTrak automates every step of the appeals process, from case intake and preparation to appearance scheduling, decision tracking, and reporting, so New Jersey citizens are now experiencing timely processing of unemployment appeals. The average appeals process time lapse is now 15% faster–reducing from 189 days to 30. NJ DOL employees now have an easily configurable and scalable solution to serve the needs of its citizens. State leadership has the visibility and insight into the appellant, case details, and agent activity to guide and advise staff on all US DOL statues, and is able to provide the US DOL with accurate Time Lapse Standards report as proof of its compliance.


Decrease in handle time for unemployment claims

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