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How Linet Sees Sales Pipeline From Around The World
Salesforce Sales Cloud Healthcare

Linet manufactures approximately 40,000 hospital beds per year.


Linet, the leading supplier of health and nursing care products, is a parent corporation with fifteen global subsidiaries that export to more than 100 countries across Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East. To connect its business activity worldwide, it needs a shared platform for global sales pipeline visibility and reporting.


Bluewolf could conduct a 12-week combined Bluewolf Align™ and Bluewolf Blueprint™ workshop, working with Linet’s domestic and international sales organizations and distributor channels to understand customer and employee pain points and design a roadmap and implementation plan for a future-state system. The implementation plan would account for complex data migrations involving multiple languages and currencies, ERP and CRM systems integrations, reporting and dashboard creation, and a communications strategy to ensure adoption.


Salesforce is Linet’s first global IT system. With its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems integrated with Salesforce Sales Cloud, its executive management teams have full visibility into its sales data and pipeline across its subsidiaries. Customer information is centralized into a single source that provides anytime, anywhere access to reporting dashboards and searches. Global pipeline reports, which previously took days to collect and aggregate within Excel, are now generated instantly. Linet is now unlocking new levels of business performance with Bluewolf Beyond™, and will be continuing their digital business transformation with global implementations of Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud.

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