How IBM Resolves Customer Cases 35% Faster with IBM Watson

As we evolve into the cognitive era, Bluewolf has been a great partner to deploy Service Cloud.

Bob McDonald, Vice President, Support Transformation, Training & Globalization

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IBM's contact center is a global network of thousands of agents, using 300 different systems to support 7,000 products, across 170 countries. As one of the world’s largest and most complex service organizations in the world, IBM’s global customer support network needs systems that can scale to provide the omnichannel, 24/7, personalized customer experience that customers demand.


With Bluewolf’s help, IBM was up and running to embark on one of the largest Service Cloud transformations in Salesforce history, in just four months. Integrating Salesforce Service Cloud with IBM Watson Services, IBM deployed nearly 7,000 Salesforce Service Cloud licenses across its global support team. When complete, one-third of IBM’s backend service systems will be retired, and more than 22,000 agents worldwide will be supported by this new system to field thousands of daily service requests.


To date, 12,000 users have been on-boarded in just over 18 months and IBM has replaced over 100 different systems, including a 50+ years-old ticket management system. With a single view of the customer across all channels, IBM's thousands of customer support agents can now solve customer problems faster than ever before, while Watson is able to help reduce call volume and instantly surface answers to complex questions for customers and live agents. Watson cognitive routing and case prioritization capabilities assist nearly 3.5 million cases, saving each agent 45-minutes a day. By using Watson chatbots to deflect 30% of cases and reduce average handling time, IBM is saving millions of dollars and providing a more personalized customer support experience with proactive and predictive customer support.

of cases deflected using Watson Chatbot
3.5+ Million
cases assisted
agents onboard

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