Berkshire Hathaway

How Berkshire Hathaway Pays Insurance Claims in Under 5 Minutes

With Bluewolf's help, we can deliver a cutting-edge mobile experience for our customers.

Josh Jandrain, Vice President of IT


Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection (BHTP) wanted to provide a first-class experience no matter where its customers are seated, personalizing travel protection with an omnichannel customer experience that’s always ready for takeoff.


Working with Bluewolf to build AirCare, a policy administration system and concierge customer service mobile app on the Salesforce1 platform, BHTP created a real-time system of record that updates and unifies customer data across the entire customer lifecycle–from policy conception through claims payment processing.


With AirCare, BHTP can automatically rebook a missed connection, help replace lost luggage quickly, monitor delays in real-time, and even save travelers a seat in the VIP Lounge–all via text, email, Facebook, and Twitter. Agents have instant access to customer account record information to deliver a consistent experience across the channel of their customer’s choice. For customers, their claims are processed in just three to five minutes, with funds transferred directly to their bank account.

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