News Corp Australia: Simplifying Sales and Service Workflows With Salesforce Lightning


News Corp Australia is Australia’s number one media company. It’s also the country’s leading publisher, selling more than 10 million newspapers each week, and distributing nearly seven million additional commuter and community titles. As a multiplatform leader in food, health, parenting, fashion, and property, their lifestyle brands reach more than seven million Australians every month–—providing a number of valuable channels for advertising partners to engage with consumers.


In an effort to reduce employee training time, News Corp’s subscriptions business unit was using a Wizard Interface for its Sales and Service departments, a pre-configured workflow of actions that reps and agents leverage to complete a customer request or task. News Corp's complex technical environment needed to be modified through code anytime a business process changed, such as when there was a new subscription package offering.


News Corp had already been working with Bluewolf Beyond to develop a strategic innovation roadmap with Salesforce Lightning as the foundation of its ongoing transformation. As part of Beyond, Bluewolf shadowed call center agents to assess the agent experience and identified the two call center agent personas for which the new Salesforce system would need to accommodate: inexperienced agents and experienced agents. News Corp upgraded its Wizard Interface with Lightning to streamline how agents handle customer sign-ups and drive better customer and employee experience. With new Lightning components, the resulting user experience is customized to provide both a linear Wizard-style process for newer agents and a nonlinear process for more seasoned agents that supports more extensive experience and knowledge of any given business process. Core to the development and deployment process of the solution was Bluewolf Sightline™, Bluewolf’s patented project delivery tool, to optimize News Corp’s Salesforce release management. Sightline minimizes manual tasks and unifies project lifecycle phases in a shared, collaborative view for News Corp’s stakeholders. With full visibility into the interdependencies of work in their backlog, News Corp has more efficient releases–only having to touch components once to solve problems.

News Corp's subscription process resolves cases faster, with 20% fewer clicks and 60% fewer screens.


The new UI display flows with a progress bar, while the Lightning components provide enhanced validation on customer data to ensure quality and minimize errors. More than 100 call center agents are now using the Lightning component workflows. Within the first day of implementation, News Corp reduced its average handling time by one minute per call. News Corp is now able to make release changes faster than ever before. Moving forward, News Corp will be transitioning its entire organization to Salesforce Lightning.

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