Enterprise Bank and Trust: A Referral Management Solution Reshapes Selling Behavior


Enterprise Bank and Trust (EB&T) has been serving the financial needs of privately-held businesses and their families for 25 years. They operate in a variety of financial sectors, including business banking, personal banking, private banking, and wealth management services. EB&T’s success comes in large part from a unique entrepreneurial culture where innovation flourishes. Now with over $3.5 billion in assets, they’ve helped over 15,000 families in the St. Louis, Kansas City, and Phoenix areas.

The Problem

EB&T sought out a business consulting partner after an intense period of acquisitions which tripled their deposit accounts. They needed a solution that would help them capitalize on growth by increasing cross-selling efforts inside the organization (approximately 40% of their customers had only one product; for example, one loan or deposit). Keeping their sales team engaged meant solidifying their sales management best practices and powering a referral solution that changed the way they sold their portfolio of financial products and services.

The Solution

EB&T saw Bluewolf as a like-minded entrepreneurial partner with deep credibility and strong technical skills. We worked with EB&T to design a plan that would integrate Salesforce across all of their core capabilities: wealth management, banking, and treasury management, including their legacy banking system. In order to ensure results, we focused extensively on change management: firstly, so that sales managers would adopt and endorse the new solution; and secondly, so that executives would support the new referral process with data-driven dashboards. Our consulting expertise extended beyond customer relationship management. We understood the needs of EB&T’s underlying sales processes and teams, and designed a solution that engaged the organization around a new business strategy: cross-selling products and services to current customers.

Bluewolf built Enterprise Bank and Trust a financial management platform that doubled referrals in six months.

The Results

The customized solution we delivered has transformed EB&T’s business and culture. Success wasn’t simply the deployment of a new technology solution; it involved changing employee mindsets, and delivering them an experience that fueled a new type of selling behavior. By starting with the defined outcome of driving referrals, EB&T was able to focus its solution and double referrals across their main distribution channels in the first six months. Not only are employees more successful, they are able to rapidly cater to the changing needs of their customers, increasing customer engagement and their commitment to EB&T in the long run.

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