Modernizing B2B Sales Processes with Salesforce Lightning



T-Mobile USA, Inc. is a national provider of wireless voice, messaging and LTE data services capable of reaching nearly 312 million Americans, and is the third largest carrier in the US with over 67 million customers and annual revenue over $24 billion. In Q2 of 2016 T-Mobile added 1.9M customers, the 13th quarter in a row with over 1M net adds.

The Problem

T-Mobile’s B2B sales team sells bundles and phone services to companies of all sizes across the United States. Although T-Mobile had been using the Salesforce platform since 2010, the way the sales team generated contracts and pricing was manual and error prone, and proposals had to go through a bottleneck of approvals before a customer could actually sign up for T-Mobile’s services. Sometimes it would take days to generate an approved contract, and reps weren’t able to provide the service they wanted to.

T-Mobile’s executive team wanted to obtain sales efficiency through a combination of solutions from mobile applications, cloud-based technologies like Salesforce, and change management programs. After an in-depth ROI study conducted by Bluewolf, T-Mobile decided it was in their best interest to partner with Bluewolf Beyond to create a custom sales solution that would scale throughout the organization.

The Solution

Over the last two years, Bluewolf Beyond helped to streamline T-Mobile's B2B selling process, from demand generation and lead nurture using Pardot, to simplifying opportunity management with Sales Cloud, and finally building a custom quote to order process with

The custom solution covers lead to order, where an order is generated via Conga, and then the order is pulled into a DocuSign envelope for customer signature. Then, the signed order is sent to T-Mobile's processing team via DocuSign to kick off fulfillment. From here, sales reps are updated when the order is processed, and receive notifications on status and ship date.

T-Mobile’s sales reps are now enabled to create orders, receive approvals, and close deals on the spot with iPad apps; but the company didn’t stop there. When Bob Bird, Sr Manager Salesforce Operations, saw news come out from Salesforce about the new Lightning experience, he knew that the process could be even better, and his team decided to re-design the Q2C process with Lightning and the help of Bluewolf. Utilizing focus groups in the field, T-Mobile and Bluewolf designed the Lightning Solution. After 85 enhancements, Lightning was rolled out to 900 users in May of 2016.

T-Mobile has reduced a complex 120-click process down to just 8 clicks

The Results

The look and feel of Lightning is more modern, clean, and makes it easier for reps and managers to set up dashboards. The UX is more intuitive, and by integrating custom Lightning components, T-Mobile has reduced a complex 120-click process down to just eight clicks, and renewals went from 35 clicks down to five. The Lightning solution has saved reps an average of 7 hours a week. By October 2016, 22,000 employees will be using Lightning, and next year Bluewolf will help T-Mobile to roll out Lightning to over 22,000 retail associates nationwide.

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