New Community Streamlines Customer Experience

Rolls-Royce & Partners Finance


Rolls-Royce & Partners Finance (RRPF) is a subsidiary of Rolls-Royce Motor Vehicles that was established as a separate business in 1989 to assist customers purchasing Rolls-Royce aircraft engines. RRPF provides customers with tailored financial solutions and long term operating leases, and is the largest lessor of Rolls-Royce and IAE V2500-A5 spare engines. Most of the company’s customers are airline companies from established flag carriers.

The Problem

Rolls-Royce & Partners Finance understood that customer expectations have dramatically changed over the last decade. Consumers have gotten used to accessing information and services easily over the internet, especially on mobile devices. Today, we can have our groceries delivered, transfer funds, or even hire a car in just a few clicks. This is our new normal, and now B2B companies must meet that expectation.

The airline business is very competitive, and RRPF’s customers are consistently under cost and time pressures. Customers had expressed that the current process to view products and to lease engines wasn’t an easy experience, and it was nearly impossible to do on a mobile device. RRPF didn’t want to be just another financial counterparty  –  it wanted to be a trusted partner. The company has always had a very honest dialogue with its customers, and the message was clear: customers didn’t want a quote delivered to them next week, engine specs sent to them tomorrow, or a rep to call them back in 2 hours  –  they wanted it now. 

The Solution

In order to exceed its customers’ expectations, RRPF decided to build a new mobile community to provide an experience for its customers that was both simple and engaging. Rolls-Royce engaged Bluewolf to build the community because of our deep expertise in building digital customer engagement tools. We set out to create a beautifully designed community that would give customers access to the information that they needed, 24 hours a day. In just a few months, we helped RRPF launch an easy-to-use account management system using the Salesforce1 Platform and Community Cloud. The community lets customers browse inventory and gives them access to their lease documents, invoices, and technical utilization data on the engines that they have on lease from RRPF. Customers can also easily view details of other engines that the company has available for lease and can make requests to purchase or lease such engines directly from their mobile devices. 

Some of they key features of the community include custom design using and Community Builder. The interface has a sleek, sophisticated feel that is consistent with the values of the Rolls-Royce brand. Also, the banner images on the site are dynamic and customer-specific. For example, Hawaiian Airlines would see a photo of one of their own planes with a Rolls-Royce engine. Most importantly, communication has been streamlined, as customers can now easily engage a RRPF salesperson directly within the community in just a few clicks.

Bluewolf built Rolls-Royce & Partners Finance a sleek customer community that epitomizes the luxury and sophistication that has become synonymous with the brand.

The Results

RRPF has become a trusted partner and a source of knowledge and information for its customers. Customers now engage with the brand through a beautiful interface with vibrant images, accessing valuable data and industry insights with the push of a button. Sales reps are now able to communicate with customers much more efficiently, and can track conversations and interactions through the application. The new community is a scalable system that allows Rolls-Royce & Partners Finance to help their clients realize their business goals faster and easier than ever before.

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