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The most immediate business opportunity for chatbots is in the contact center. Chatbots can bring call deflection to the masses, substantially improving customer and agent experiences.
Watson Conversation Chatbot Pilot
Deflect repetitive customer requests
AI Now Watson Conversation Chatbot Pilot enables large-volume contact centers to deflect routine customer requests with a chatbot that responds to as many as ten types of customer inquiries.
Omnichannel Automation Chatbot
Omnichannel customer self-service
AI Now Omnichannel Automation Chatbot resolves customer questions on your customers’ channels of choice, including Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and phone, to enable seamless, 24/7 self-service.
Self-Service Einstein Bot
Deliver personalized self-service
The AI Now Self Service Einstein Bot quickly deploys a functioning bot on the Salesforce platform to respond to top customer inquiries.
Chatbot Use Case Demos
  • Patients and clients can schedule appointments in real-time via Facebook Messenger.
  • Watson Conversation Services & Watson Virtual Agent resolve customer inquiries and escalate to a live agent for more personalized support.
  • Watson LiveMessage enables self-service anytime via SMS, and automatically updates contact records.
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