The Bluewolf Operating Model

The Bluewolf Operating Model

Digital Business Requires Continuous Innovation

Experience is as important as the product or service you sell.

An Experience-Led Mindset Exceeds Customer Expectation

You need design to transform customer and employee insights into innovative experiences.

Designing Success With Salesforce

Reinvention without continuous innovation is nothing more than an upgrade.

4 Takeaways to Achieve Digital Transformation

Collaborative, Iterative, Value-Driven

Innovation at Scale
An Experience-Based Approach to Digital Transformation
As Salesforce becomes more robust, with increasing maturity and complexity, organizations need a new, programmatic and scalable approach to innovation in a multi-org and cross-cloud environment.
Experience Transformation
Succeed with an Experience-Led Mindset
To gain the greatest value from Salesforce, more complex companies need to adopt an experience-led mindset–a continuous focus on customer and employee experience at every moment–to reinforce a customer-centric strategy for business innovation.
A Strategic Partnership
The Bluewolf Operating Model
Bluewolf’s Operating Model provides access to all of Bluewolf’s services to support and scale their strategic initiatives–with program flexibility and acceleration based on changing business needs.
Bluewolf's Operating Model Advantage


  • An experience-led vs. project-based approach
  • Access to all of Bluewolf's services under one program of work
  • A focus on business outcomes, not deliverables
  • A scalable pace of digital transformation
  • Ongoing process and org optimization
  • Consolidated service rates
  • Quality, speed, and flawless delivery on Salesforce with Bluewolf Sightline™, a patented Salesforce platform management solution
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