Why You Have to Join the Chatbot Revolution

June 28, 2018

Article written by Amas Tenumah, Customer Service Platforms Director, Bluewolf, an IBM Company

Recently, I was at Newark Airport Terminal C and no one would take my money. No human that is. There I was, looking at food, jewelry, clothing, anything your heart desired and the employees were outnumbered two to one with virtual assistants or conversational bots to take your payment. 

By 2024 Intelligent Virtual Assistants are expected to grow to $12.28B? If you are still on the fence about implementing a chatbot that works in your business, here are three reasons you should begin the journey toward adding virtual agents: 

  • It will improve sales conversion: Ecommerce companies have known for years that online chat can improve conversion, there is data that shows that chatbots can accelerate sales productivity more so than traditional online chat. It gets even better, while traditional online chat eats into margins because it has to be staffed, chatbots on the other hand have all the advantages of increasing conversion and very little additional cost implications. 
  • It will improve first call resolution: The holy grail of the contact center is first contact resolution, a force multiplier in customer service. It reduces cost and simultaneously improves the customer experience. Autodesk is seeing a 30% productivity lift for their service teams after enabling a chatbot to resolve customer issues on the first interaction. 
  • It will improve customer satisfaction: Many times when we have groundbreaking technology that improves productivity in service they tend to increase productivity at the expense of the experience. Think back to the IVR (Interactive Voice Response), yes we became more productive but customers universally hated it. A well built Chatbot can deliver even higher productivity gains without the negative customer experience side effects. Remember all the productivity lift in the AutoDesk story? All of it is happening while Customer Satisfaction is improving.

If you are wondering where to start, connect with an AI expert at Bluewolf — now. 

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