Why Now’s The Time To Hit Trailhead

Salesforce is a complex and powerful tool. And it’s growing fast. New research predicts the Salesforce economy will create over $1 trillion in new business revenues, along with 4.2 million jobs between 2019 and 2024. The advent of advanced technologies, including AI, means companies of all industries are in need of employees with more advanced skills and knowledge across service, marketing, sales, commerce, and IT. In fact, as we found out from surveying +2,100 Salesforce customers worldwide for our 8th annual The State of Salesforce report, 83% are planning to implement AI in the next 18 months. 
What is Salesforce Trailmix?
Salesforce Trailmixes are custom, online learning paths with assorted educational modules and tasks to help people advance their Salesforce skills. Salesforce Trailmix is part of Salesforce’s gamified Trailhead site where users can earn points and badges as they gain valuable Salesforce knowledge. Trailhead is free and available to everyone, meaning people from all backgrounds are empowered to learn useful Salesforce skills to help them get a job in the growing Salesforce economy. Learners can earn “Superbadges” on Trailhead, to display on their resume or show to a manager during performance review time, as proof of their advanced Salesforce knowledge. 
According to Salesforce, since the company launched Trailhead in 2014, over 1.7 million people have earned over 17.5 million badges, and 25% of these people have used their new Salesforce skills to level-up with new jobs. This is good news since there’s significant demand for Salesforce jobs which are also seen as extremely desirable. For example, jobs listing site, Indeed, ranked Salesforce Developer as the #10 best job in the U.S. in 2019, experiencing a 129% growth from 2015-2018. This represents a huge opportunity for people who are ready to level-up their Salesforce skills.
While an entire Trailmix path can take days to complete, it’s made up of individual, more bite-sized modules that no more than an hour. By the end of this year, Salesforce will be adding live training videos on Trailhead Live, making it even more engaging. 
Which Salesforce Trailmix is right for you?
Depending on your role, how you engage with Salesforce and your desired areas of growth, there’s a Salesforce Trailmix that’s best suited to your needs. You can create your own Trailmix with modules you’re interested in, or work through a custom Trailmix that someone else has created. Broadly speaking, Salesforce users can be categorized in three ways:

  • Owners make Salesforce purchasing decisions or define strategy.

  • Stakeholders are Salesforce managers or developers who influence purchasing. 

  • End-Users are sellers, marketers, or agents who use Salesforce daily.

Owners’ issues and concerns 
People who own the budget for Salesforce instances are typically in a VP, CIO, or CTO role. As the person signing the check, the Owner is under pressure to make sure every Salesforce product has a strong return on investment, and conduct a cost-benefit analysis for purchasing a new Salesforce solution. Strategically, they need to ensure the new system will integrate with existing software and data sources. Because there’s likely to be a learning curve to onboard End-Users, the Owner is often concerned about the time and money spent on training and change management.
Stakeholders’ issues and concerns
Stakeholders are the developers or managers with the vision for how Salesforce should be used at their company, along with implementation logistics. The Stakeholder understands End-Users’ needs and how they’ll use Salesforce in their work. Whereas managers are project leads who decide how Salesforce should be configured for End-Users’, developers actually do the technical configuration. Collectively, Stakeholders want to make sure whatever inefficiencies End-Users are grappling with are addressed in the Salesforce roadmap. Stakeholders are concerned with how existing systems will be integrated and accessible through Salesforce. Lastly, like Owners, Stakeholders are also interested in adoption rates and these managers play an active role in changing End-Users’ behavior to ensure they’re actually using Salesforce. 
End-Users’ issues and concerns
End-Users personally use Salesforce every day. When customer information is outdated or siloed, their job becomes more challenging. That’s why they want easy access to a unified record with the most current and complete customer data available. While End-Users want tools with improved functionality and efficiency, they can also be resistant to learning a whole new system that redefines their workday. For example, 44% of Sales Cloud users report that incomplete adoption prevents them from meeting their target ROI from using Salesforce
The time is now
With the end of the year fast-approaching, now is a great time to invest in yourself by starting a Trailmix to advance your skills and knowledge and learn how to do more on Salesforce.

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