Why Mobile is the Top Sales Imperative

Article was written by David Bauer, IBM Partner

Sellers Want More Mobile Capabilities

Work is no longer tied to physical offices or forty-hour workweeks, and no function knows that better than sales. Mobile devices have advanced—with lightning-fast processors, NFC chips, biometrics identification, built-in AI, and more—and sellers who have a mobile-optimized experience on-hand are freed up to spend more time engaging with customers. And yet, even these sellers who are utilizing experiences like Salesforce Mobile are not hitting their target ROI with Sales Cloud. As we found from our 8th-annual The State of Salesforce global survey, there are two main challenges preventing Sales Cloud customers from hitting their target ROI with Salesforce:

  • Not leveraging the full capabilities of Salesforce (45%)
  • Incomplete Salesforce adoption (44%)

Sales Cloud adoption requires an ongoing commitment to evolving Salesforce at the pace of changing business and customer conditions. Consumer-grade mobile experiences have yet to be replicated in the workplace, but Augmented Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and IoT, coupled with the arrival of fifth-generation (5G) mobile networks, promise the connectivity and speed needed for fully integrated mobile solutions that power intelligent, automated employee experiences capable of surpassing today’s best-in-class customer experiences. Solving the adoption challenge means designing Salesforce around your employees to help them accomplish their tasks anytime, from anywhere. According to our global survey:

  • 64% of salespeople surveyed currently use Salesforce Mobile
  • 62% of salespeople using Salesforce Mobile said they wish there was more they could do on a mobile device to improve their productivity
Apple + Salesforce Partnership

Salesforce recognized early the importance and necessity for delivering mobile-first employee experiences and introduced Salesforce Mobile to sellers in 2014. But in 2018, Salesforce took a meaningful step to advance its mobile approach, striking a strategic partnership with Apple to redesign its Salesforce Mobile App.

To fully benefit from mobile requires more than just a single Salesforce mobile solution. In the time since Apple released iOS 4, which inaugurated enterprise mobility with mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) capabilities, the Salesforce Mobile experience has focused around the needs of sales management: prioritizing visibility into activities, opportunities, and forecasts.

Together, Salesforce and Apple are working to broaden the mobile development capabilities of Salesforce, optimizing Salesforce’s Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) for Swift, Apple’s programming language. This means it’s easier to build and design native iOS mobile apps connected to customer data in Salesforce’s secure and trusted environment. These designed applications enhance the productivity of the employee through the use of valuable and widely familiar iOS features, such as camera integration, face recognition, AirDrop functionality, and iMessage.

What’s Next?
The potential upside for the Salesforce and Apple partnership is vast, giving organizations a successful path forward for meaningful mobile enterprise development at scale. But to truly deliver on its potential, enterprise organizations likely need to rethink their mobile approach to Salesforce.

For many organizations, determining the right mix is a trade-off between short-term savings and long-term value creation. The best organizations are looking to scale their mobile strategies with the idea of an app suite—a collection of tools versus one do-everything app. The greatest impact comes from tailoring Salesforce to your industry, and unlocking mobile features to save every employee their most valued resource—time.

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