Why Field Service Lightning is a Game Changer

Salesforce’s Tuesday release of Field Service Lightning is an important indication of Salesforce’s recognition of key trends in customer support. The support marketplace continues to expand at a rapid ratethe connected world has shattered all expectations and is expected to grow to 20.8 billion connected things by 2020. By partnering with Click, Salesforce hit the ground running as a key player in the Support marketplace. These are the three key trends Field Service Lightning responds to: 
Expansion of Omnichannel Gives Everyone a Total Customer View
Today more than ever, customers are asking for a seamless experience, across all channels. Salesforce is not the first company to bring a field service solution to market, but they offer something unique with this release. Even well-renowned field service tools historically had a data integration issue. In many cases, customer service agents had to use multiple systems in order to access all of the data they needed. This new functionality of the proven Service Cloud Platform moves key field service data into the Salesforce ecosystem. Customer service and field service agents gain a true 360 degree view of their customers with access to real-time data that lives in one CRM. Managing in the service world is all about the data so keeping it in one place gives service agents the ability to manage the whole customer experiencefrom sale, to service request, to field service solutions in one system. 
Click Functionality Meets the Power of Salesforce
For a long time there has been a gap between field service agents and customer service agents. Communication between these two teams was inhibited by the lack of access to real-time data. True to form, Salesforce saw this gap and an opportunity to build a bridge. Salesforce chose to build off of Click’s structure because it offers industry leading functionality in three key areas: appointment booking, service scheduling, and workforce optimization. Using Salesforce's UI means employees can quickly adopt the application in their daily workflows. Click has been the leader in Gartner’s Field Service Magic Quadrant for four years running.  
Everyone Is a Customer Service Agent - Empower Accordingly 
Field Service Lightning offers a level of mobile functionality that newly empowers agents in the field. Access to purchase history, service requests, interactions all in real-timeallows agents to engage and solve problems in key moments with the customer. Mobile access also enables them to make informed recommendations for product upgrades or replacements, and to walk into a service job with an understanding of the customer’s interactions with the company thus far. In turn, customer service agents will be able to see a record of service, interactions, and product recommendations from the field the next time they interact with the customer. 

With Field Service Lightning, Salesforce is saying “yes” to enabling businesses to meet the demands of their customers for efficient service. Giving the entire service team the ability to understand a customer’s needs at a glance empowers them to impact customer satisfaction and NPS scores. This is what makes service a factor in keeping customers for life.



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