Where Are You on the Knowledge Continuum?

Knowledge Management is not a new functionality in most contact centers.  In fact, most companies have some form of “knowledge” or “content” that they share with contact center agents and customers.  But over the past several years there have been huge changes in the sophistication of how that knowledge is delivered – and those changes should make every contact center leader ask the question, “what should we do next?”

As consultants, when we talk with customers about Knowledge Management (KM) and their goals to improve it – we find that companies typically fall into one of five categories:

  • We need to implement KM in some form – not sure where to start?
  • We’ve identified our KM challenges – now what?
  • We need a new KM Plan – general objectives in place, but lacks details
  • We’ve deployed our plan but need more – we are not meeting our original expectations
  • Our original plan worked – now we need more



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