What Salesforce’s Changes to Marketing Cloud Mean for the Future

Salesforce released the latest version of Marketing Cloud last month which included a brand new look and naming conventions. Beyond the improvements to the user interface and user experience, these changes indicate some key trends that Salesforce is emphasizing in the marketing space.

Previously, the user interface of Marketing Cloud was a little chaotic and confusing to navigate, which negatively impacted the user experience. In order to correct this, Salesforce sorted all of the applications included in this cloud into two main groups-- Studios and Builders. This vastly simplifies navigation in the program.

An illustration of the reorganization:


Builders now encompass these functions of Marketing Cloud:


Studios now include these sets of apps:


As a reminder, this is what the user interface looked like before Salesforce acquired ExactTarget:

Salesforce has added a lot of functionality to Marketing Cloud through the acquisition of outside apps and their own additions. The way they reorganized this cloud is a big signal of where they see the future of marketing heading. The update is a refreshing reminder of the value Salesforce puts on the user experience. The added functionality indicates Salesforce's goal to become the ultimate multi-channel cloud. Gone are the days of Marketing Cloud only leveraging e-mail and social channels. Now many more channels of marketing are housed in the program and each one has been given its own Studio with Builders organizing the different functions for each channel.

Salesforce mentioned during the update release that further name changes for features are planned for this year. They have also added functionality to many of the individual studios, including Social Studio. With the next update being released on April 20th, we’re interested to see how the reorganization will continue. You can find the latest product release notes for Marketing Cloud here

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