What Does The Sitecore & IBM iX Partnership Mean For Salesforce Customers?

Today, Sitecore and IBM iX announced a new strategic partnership. What does this mean for the market? While there’s no question that in-the-moment personalization is a key pillar of a differentiated customer experience, 50% of marketers say they have yet to figure out how to deliver personalized experiences. Together, Sitecore and IBM iX—which includes Bluewolf, an IBM Company—enable companies to mature their marketing strategy by aligning insights and strategy to design great experiences with content that scales across existing and emerging channels, and spans the entire customer journey.

Delivering In-The-Moment Personalization with Data, Content, and Design

As the number of customer channels continues to grow every year, digital marketers must develop strategies that drive engagement across each of them while ensuring that budgets and resources stay in check. Leaders are beginning to emerge by effectively aligning three key elements: excellent data governance, scalable content management, and human-centered design.

While personalization is top of mind for many marketing leaders, most teams are still in the earliest stages of executing beyond the basics—primarily email and social. Marketers working to achieve digital maturity—successfully personalizing campaigns and creating compelling customer journeys that scale across touchpoints—need to ensure that they’re starting with quality data. This is where Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps marketers excel. Salesforce allows them to capture and unify data across multiple channels and unique touchpoints and enables them to activate it anywhere, creating more targeted, personalized experiences.

While data is the backbone of enabling customer experiences, high quality, relevant content is necessary to drive engagement. Content Management Systems (CMS) provide the tools for businesses to optimize marketing content across the customer journey and get to market quickly. By integrating with Salesforce, Sitecore’s CMS helps marketers unify digital marketing, providing immediate access to content directly within Salesforce Marketing Cloud to deliver consistently personalized, omni-channel campaigns at scale.

Integrated marketing tech stacks are a competitive advantage for their ability to maximize the value of the data that exists in each. In fact, according to this year’s The State of Salesforce report, marketers that view integrating marketing apps as extremely important to their strategy are 49% more likely to excel at delivering personalized experiences than their peers.

Ultimately, great experiences are built, not bought, so technology alone won’t achieve the desired outcomes. Businesses must design experiences that align to customers’ motivations, needs, and desires across every moment of the customer journey to meaningfully engage and drive action. Through a human-centered approach, companies can design, test, and implement differentiated customer experiences that maximize the value of the data gathered and the content created.

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