What Does CX Innovation Mean at T-Mobile?

May 24, 2017

Submissions are open for The Future Now Awards, which recognizes companies of all sizes and industries who are leading the innovation of employee engagement and customer moments with Salesforce. Meet our first of three featured judges, T-Mobile's Senior Manager of Salesforce.com Operations, Bob Bird. As a previous award-winner, T-Mobile has proven itself as a leading innovator of customer experience. 

What are the most exciting innovations happening at T-Mobile right now and the Telco industry at-large?

Rolling out our low-band spectrum in new innovative ways to enable speed to market, while we work to bring 5G to the masses.

What does customer experience innovation mean to you? How do you know if something is truly innovative?

Customer experience innovation for me means breaking the paradigms around how customers need/want to interact with a company. So often user experiences are setup to drive Marketing needs and an organization's ability to upsell. To truly drive innovation in this space, organizations need to listen and understand the voice of their customer. The true test of delivering something innovative comes from customer feedback. In the end, only the customer can validate if a company is innovative or not.

What are Customer Experience leaders doing differently from everyone else?

Leaders are harnessing new technology and working to integrate those advances into how they interact with their customers.

How is T-Mobile innovating its customer experience?

I think T-Mobile is leading the wireless industry in innovating the customer experience. Led by our CEO John Legere, T-Mobile not only listens to our customers but executes on what we hear to deliver a customer experience unmatched by anyone in our industry.


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