Vodafone Dials Up New Social Service Strategy to Become the Industry Leader

July 10, 2013

The Australian telecommunications industry faced major disruption due to rapid smart phone adoption and growth of social media as
a channel for customer service and marketing. Vodafone faced well-publicized criticism relating to service and network issues and the time taken to respond to its customers. These customers quickly took to social channels— Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and communities—to voice
their concerns.

Vodafone introduced salesforce.com’s Service Cloud® platform allowing flexibility in the customisation and collaboration across service channels. A ‘knowledge-centric’ team was developed to create more relevant information that could be easily tagged, shared and posted through social. To capture social intelligence, Vodafone integrated the Radian6TM Console, and also implement the Social Hub, which pushes Twitter, Facebook, and blog posts through the Service Cloud as real-time cases.

Within the space of six months, since moving to the Service Cloud and adopting a suite of social tools, Vodafone has quadrupled the number of social interactions with its customers. Organic visits to the site have doubled and content quality ratings are up 800% since 2011. Vodafone is now leading the industry in social media response and has delivered a dramatically improved customer experience.



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