UK companies love Salesforce. Here is the data.

January 8, 2018

The UK’s appetite for Salesforce is growing. The company has credited the UK region for much of its recent European revenue growth (up 46% in Q3 2017), and IDC has predicted an explosion of Salesforce-related jobs in the UK over the next five years. What are UK companies finding valuable in Salesforce? A look into UK-specific data from this year’s The State of Salesforce report provides us with some interesting clues.

Strengthening core business

  • 51% of UK respondents said “retain existing customers” is one of the top two reasons their company uses Salesforce. Globally, this percentage was 40%.
  • When asked the most important deciding factor for implementing a new Salesforce initiative, 68% of UK respondents said “expected business value of initiative,” versus 46% for the global population.
  • Meanwhile, only 6% of UK respondents prioritize “time it takes to implement,” versus 18% globally.

Innovation potential in Salesforce
Despite Salesforce’s primary use in the UK as a tool for strengthening core business, UK Salesforce customers understand that the platform can be a powerful way to experiment with new initiatives that will move their businesses forward in rapidly changing markets. In fact, optimism around Salesforce’s innovative potential appears to be even stronger in the UK than in other countries surveyed.

  • 89% of UK Salesforce customers believe Salesforce can drive innovation in their business. Globally, the response was 81%.
  • 44% of UK Salesforce customers say they understand Augmented Intelligence (AI) and how it can help their business — 13% higher than the global response. (AI, of course, has been a significant focus area for Salesforce’s product team.)

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