Top Video Clips From The State of Salesforce Dreamforce Session

October 24, 2018

Bluewolf’s 7th annual report on how the best companies use Salesforce, The State of Salesforce, is based on survey data from over 2,500 customers worldwide. During Dreamforce, we walked through key findings and trends with guests, Jeremy Eubanks, Director of Product Management at Expedia, and the Head of Digital from Ameritas, Richelle Simmons. Now, we've cut down our 45-minute session to share the most valuable key takeaways. Below are the highlights from our conversation.

  1. Innovation requires a decision-making framework—for IT and the business—that evaluates work based on business model, strategy, and customer experience, a.k.a. Governance. We found that cross-functional governance teams are 2x more likely to enable innovation with Salesforce. And yet, just 3 out of 10 customers have cross-departmental governance teams.


  2. Staffing needs to be a part of your total cost of ownership (TCO) equation, and hiring should reinforce an Agile approach for Salesforce initiatives. The second leading cause of organizations’ limitation of innovation with Salesforce is headcount.

  3. The best companies view Salesforce development as an ongoing initiative that is customer-focused and adaptable. Standalone projects that only address elements of employee and customer experience in isolation fall short of customer expectations and subsequently, business goals as well. Leading companies with an experience mindset, approach that delivers improvements that both run the business (maintenance) and also change the business (breakthrough innovation).

  4. Measurement is key to aligning Salesforce investments with business strategy. In practice, that means having a fully functional data governance framework. Our research found that Salesforce is nearly 3x more likely to enable innovation when a company has an established data governance framework. However, less than half of customers (48%) have an approach to how data is governed within their organization.


Download the full report to get all of our insights from this year’s global survey.

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