The Three Keys to Igniting Customer Obsession

In the connected-customer era, there’s only one way to keep customers engaged: meet them when, where, and how they want. Cloud, social, and mobile have the potential to enable this, yet on average, only 20% of customers are fully engaged. To bridge this gap, and avoid becoming irrelevant in the emerging Customer Engagement Economy, companies must revolutionize the way they sell, service, market, and innovate.

The revolution is a whole-of-company obsession with delivering what customers want before they know they want it. 

Since 2000, Bluewolf has helped companies adopt cloud, social, and mobile technologies to start their own customer-obsession revolutions. From our global experience, three key principles have emerged:

  1. Enable your employees to own any customer “moment”
  2. Treat your customers as people, not transactions
  3. Know what your customers want before they do—and act on it

1. Enable your employees to own any customer “moment”

What is a customer moment? It’s simple, yet profound: it is any interaction between a customer and an employee. The point here is that outstanding customer service staff are only the beginning: to excel, organizations must empower every employee to provide an excellent experience. But how?


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