A Summary of Lessons From HIMSS 2019

February 20, 2019

HIMSS offered future-looking technology solutions that promise to connect providers more closely to patients. As we covered in our Q&A with Jason Gelsomino–Bluewolf’s Global Industry Solutions Lead for Healthcare and Life Sciences–leading up to HIMSS, an emerging healthcare ecosystem is playing a major role across the continuum of healthcare delivery–from health and wellness to personalized patient care delivered anytime and anywhere. Medical data is expected to double every 73 days, by 2020.  Consequently, there’s an imperative to harness hidden insights that reside in data–structured and–for discovery, insight, and decision support. The urgency to respond and support continuous information services is in tandem with a focus on optimizing costs, improving quality, and experiences.

The healthcare industry is seeing automation evolve into digital reinvention. Increasingly, healthcare organizations are receiving value-based payments from insurers and employers, instead of traditional volume-based, payments. So, like other mature industries, a fee-for-service model is giving way to a pay-for-performance model. At the center of this change is the patient. Consequently, it is becoming increasingly valuable to harness hidden insights that reside in internal and external data–structured and unstructured–for discovery, insight, and decision support.
Where digitization was once the buzz word in healthcare space, which basically meant implementing Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and having a web and/or mobile presence, we now have digital transformation, where healthcare organizations use technology to transform the way they work. For example, access consumer insights, create mobile and digital experiences, and redesign processes to focus on telehealth. 
The current wave of transformation is digital reinvention. Innovative solutions in areas including personalized care; and assistive technologies are enabling new modes of interaction and collaboration, improving the patient experience and outcomes. Led by value-based care, a digital reinvention is characterized by emerging technologies, like AI, IoT and blockchain, and personalized patient care delivered anytime, anywhere. Digital reinvention is not just adopting technology and using it to transform care. It is completely reinventing the care model based on the new capabilities that didn’t exist before the technology was available.
There are three top priorities for healthcare organizations: adaptive care, with a focus on data and analytics, and omnichannel, self-service, and 24/7 access; value-based care, with a focus on improving patient outcomes and enhancing engagement; and operational efficiency, with a focus on improving processes and IT infrastructure and enabling digital and mobile service. To accomplish all of these, while maintaining security, compliance, resilience, and connectivity, requires agile systems that can scale and integrate with other systems. HIMSS showed us that the next frontier of digital reinvention means combining a cloud-based platform like Salesforce, which provides powerful patient engagement, with actionable health data analysis from an AI platform like IBM Watson, which derives insights from unstructured data to optimize outcomes, reduce costs, and enhance the patient experience. 
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