Social Studio's February Release Empowers Data-Obsessed Marketers

March 9, 2016

Social Studio’s February release features improved capabilities that appeal to the data-obsessed marketer. From the debut of the long-awaited Workbenches feature, to enhancements to the Sentiment Engine and Social Customer Service, Social Studio empowers digital marketers to get a deeper, cleaner, and more comprehensive view of their customers. Here are the top highlights — and what they mean for your social marketing strategy. 

Workbenches Craft Insights

Leading marketers know that data is their customer, and enhanced insight into their data means enhanced understanding of their customers. With Workbenches, marketers can drill down into their most valuable data — be it an all-important segment, or a key moment of insight — to uncover critical insight about their customers.

Users can sort data segments by author label, country, etc. to get a better view of specific data points.Screenshot 2016-02-23 16.14.23.png

Sentiment Engine Incorporates Human Feedback

Sentiment Engine is a unique tool that helps gauge an audience’s positive and negative responses to a brand on social media. Yet we know that language and semantics are tremendously contextual — for example, the word “disruptive” can mean “cool and groundbreaking” in one context, or literally the cause of a massive problem in a different context. New enhancements to Sentiment Engine’s algorithm incorporates user feedback to improve accuracy and better sort negative and positive reactions on social, making it easier for a social media manager or customer service agent to further engage brand evangelists or help solve issues stemming from more negative posts. 

Personalize Customer Service with Social

Social Studio’s integration with Service Cloud was enhanced to include conversation or author threading so customer care agents can continue conversations started elsewhere and monitor conversation history within open cases. Cases generated by macro or automation are compatible, as are author labels, so you can easily flag influencer activity appropriately. This is especially critical as more and more consumers press for omnichannel customer service and quick, informed responses to their requests. 

Keep Track of Your Audience in Engage
New conversation threading and postcard labels make it easy to track conversations and authors to help with cohesive communication.
Screenshot 2016-02-23 16.25.26.png

Twitter conversation threading is now visible in Engage, so you can view the chain of activity leading up to and following your selected tweet. This creates personalized engagements in real-time with the ability to see entire conversations. As the lines between marketing, service, and sales continue to blur, this feature allows agents to deliver better customer care because they get contextual insight into each customer’s interaction history. 

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