Social Collaboration: It's about People, Dummy, not Technology

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Ok, now I know that title may come off a bit rough (it’s just for effect), but it’s a common theme we see when discussing social collaboration strategy. Basically, it's the “If we build it, they will come” strategy.

At the end of the day, technology is just technology. If technology was sitting on an island all by itself, it would have no purpose. People give technology purpose. We learned this lesson in the on-premise days of large scale technology deployments. When after 2 years, lots of $$$, and bus loads of consultants, you had the "great unveiling" of your new CRM/ ERP/ YOURS HERE solution. And guess what? No one used it. Well, more like, only 30% of the functionality was used and you had poor user adoption.

No successful enterprise can deploy solutions with those results today. What we learned from inflexible technologies and over-engineered solutions is that adoption is the holy grail. In other words, people need to use it! Even if you have less functionality, having the highest user adoption trumps all else. So what does this have to do with social strategy?

Well, once again, a cool movement/ technology comes our way and, kudos to all the good marketing, you just have to have it! But, social tools are no different. The ‘people’ factor is key when driving productivity and collaboration through new technology. The word social IS about connection and people relations. If your people are not social, why do you think your enterprise will be? The tools are only as social as your people. So instead of just being goo-goo eyed with the latest social trend - focus on evaluating the social landscape of your business, i.e how social are you? Also spend the time to define what collaboration looks like in your business. Instead of just a boring document, give them a “culture guide.” Give them tools to help them learn the rules of collaboration and the WIFM (What’s in it for me). Determine the type of change you need before you embark on this journey and provide a road-map that put people in the center of your strategy - not the technology.

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