Salesforce’s IoT Cloud Accelerates Proactive and Predictive Action

With the number of connected devices projected to reach 75 billion by 2020, the volume of data available is expected to grow exponentially. To satisfy the changing expectations of customers, companies need to not only focus on “what” the capabilities of connected products and solutions are, but “how” and “why” customers will use them. Today, Salesforce launched its IoT Cloud, powered by Thunder, a scalable, real-time event processing engine. IoT Cloud connects billions of events with Salesforce, unlocking, analyzing, and orchestrating high-value insights from connected IoT devices, sensors and data collectors. The new cloud has the power to impact customer experiences and drive proactive actions — across sales, service, marketing — in real time.  To turn data into something actionable, companies need to uncover IoT value with a customer-obsessed approach. IoT Cloud will help advance integration of high-value customer data from IoT sources by driving a deeper understanding and anticipation of their customers' needs, and accelerate the point in time at which proactive action can be initiated. Furthermore, it ensures that enterprises are providing an optimal experience for their customers, as well as for their customers’ customers.  For example, with IoT Cloud, salespeople can request and receive real-time notifications of product availability and product location identification as they enter and exit warehouses or report their location in transit. Or, a device will report a faulty condition is approaching, triggering the creation of a case in Service Cloud, and ultimately resulting in proactive shipment of a replacement and the scheduling of a service call. Wearables, remote access to technology, and connected devices become more meaningful when organizations gain a holistic view of customers in real-time and can leverage data and insights to take smarter, more personalized actions. IoT provides earlier notice of any product or service imperfections that may exist, enabling companies to solve problems immediately, drive greater impact and value on customer satisfaction and loyalty, and benefit all users of its products and services.  At Bluewolf, we believe that when business is done in real-time and on the cutting edge, it’s always now. Download our fourth annual The State of Salesforce Report or register for our webcast to hear six Bluewolf experts discuss key trends from the report.

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