Salesforce World Tour New York: 3 Pillars of Intelligent Customer Experience

December 21, 2016

At the opening keynote of the 2017 Salesforce World Tour New York, one topic stood head and shoulders above the rest: customer experience. From Einstein and IoT to Lightning and Marketing Cloud, Benioff and his team explored how each platform is ready to support and enable next-level customer engagement. Let's take a look at how Salesforce aims to deliver on the promise to help its customers deliver intelligent customer experiences using three key elements: Einstein, Thunder IoT, and Lightning. 

Einstein, Salesforce's AI, can integrate with multiple platforms, serving up insights and recommendations alongside sales contact profiles, marketing journey maps, and service cloud case logs. Users can customize Einstein's data filters to segment and target specific groups, features, and functions, but this flexibility adds complexity, even if the interface itself is straightforward. The challenge for many companies is going to be deciding what to include and maintaining consistency for that reporting across teams. It's going to take strong governance and clear business outcomes for Einstein to deliver on its promises around customer experience.

Thunder IoT Cloud
If Einstein provides insight, Thunder IoT is about action. As we all know, customers expect to connect and be served whenever and however they choose, and the Internet of Things is becoming a never-ending web of interconnected devices. Most companies don't have the in-house dev chops like Amazon or Google to meet those expectations, which makes Thunder IoT an attractive option. Companies can use Thunder to draw in and analyze IoT data and write their own logic to address updates, events, and resolve issues. Paired with Einstein, this opens up powerful possibilities for Service Cloud users to connect and proactively serve customers.

Lightning's plug and play components make it a dynamic and powerful counterpart to Einstein. While Einstein can offer insights and recommendations for the next best action, or series of actions, Lightning can help users respond quickly and design new apps and interfaces to address the challenges and opportunities identified in the data. On top of that, even users who don't use Einstein will likely benefit from new apps in the AppExchange that are inspired by its AI. Lightning's goal is to help companies design and deliver incredible customer experiences. Applied in the right way, Einstein will help guide them to an understanding of what those experiences should look like.

We work with these technologies with companies all over the world to help them achieve digital transformation and become customer obsessed. Learn how we used Lightning to help T-Mobile streamline its B2B sales process and connect with us to start designing your own intelligent customer experiences.

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