Salesforce Lightning: Determining the Right Time to Transition

Contributing Author: Tammy Chan, Senior Manager, Product Marketing

Lightning Experience is the future of Salesforce. It’s a completely new UI/UX, as well as the edition of Salesforce where clients can access Salesforce Einstein. Lightning is designed to be more visually appealing, mobile responsive, and intuitive in relaying information and streamlining processes across all your devices. With the ability to combine analytics and Augmented Intelligence to maximize user productivity, Lightning is the platform to identify key customer moments to drive the best experience.

One of the dominant areas that Lightning supports is Sales Cloud, in which Salesforce Einstein Lead Scoring discovers patterns from your data and profiles to intelligently score and prioritize new leads, surfacing them in your Salesforce dashboard. The result: sales reps can better focus on the leads most likely to convert. Lightning improves the core features reps use everyday, tools that can make them more productive and drive their business forward faster.

We believe that most Salesforce customers will eventually have to transition to Lightning, especially if they want to leverage Salesforce Einstein and its AI capabilities. But as Salesforce encompasses a tremendous amount of functionality, it will still take time to make all of its functionality Lightning compatible.

Leading organizations who want to capture an early competitive advantage with AI should drive their transition sooner, but premature transition may decrease user adoption, and risk the investment in Salesforce. To determine the right time to migrate, organizations first need a strategy to gain a return on innovation.

Bluewolf Beyond™ helps hundreds of Salesforce customers continually unlock new business value from their investments. We have developed Bluewolf Begin for Salesforce Lightning, a purpose-built diagnostic helping companies decide if and when they’re ready to transition to Lightning.

Bluewolf’s assessment identifies an ideal path to implement Lightning by first conducting a deep examination of out-of-the-box Salesforce functionality and customization, such as buttons, Visualforce pages, and AppExchange packages. From there, an actionable implementation roadmap is created, including research and recommendations for features not yet Lightning compatible.

Once we complete the diagnostic, we handle the necessary system changes or development needed for migration, train teams on the new functionality and how to build apps within the new Lightning framework, and provide strategic guidance during and post-transition.

Global companies, such as T-Mobile, are already experiencing the benefits of Salesforce Lightning. With Bluewolf Beyond™ and Salesforce Lightning, T-Mobile has reduced a complex 120-click B2B selling process down to just eight clicks and has saved reps an average of 7 hours a week.

Bluewolf Begin for Salesforce Lightning helps determine the right time to transition, and what work needs to be done in order to get ready. Get started now.

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