News Coverage of IBM and Salesforce Partnership

March 9, 2017


“When IBM acquired Bluewolf, I realized the door had really opened,” Salesforce Chief Executive Marc Benioff said in an interview. “That provided the foundation.”

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"Ginni made a strategic decision to acquire Bluewolf, which is a company that we had worked very hard to nurture and incubate over a very long period of time. It really demonstrated to me that the opportunity to form a strategic relationship with IBM was possible."

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"This new partnership comes after IBM acquired huge Salesforce partner Bluewolf [and] the acquisition really upped its game there."

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"Perhaps most importantly, IBM’s consulting company Bluewolf will create a practice unit for Salesforce’s Einstein software and services."

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“This announcement places Bluewolf at the heart of this partnership. Initially seen as an acquisition that merely added a service stream to IBM it now seems far more important. Eric Berridge, CEO of Bluewolf whom Enterprise Times spoke to at Dreamforce has yet again increased the importance of his division within IBM. The addition of the new cognitive intelligence practise and the deeper integration into IBM sees them as the glue binding the organisations together.”

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