News Coverage for Bluewolf AI Now™ for Telecommunications

June 13, 2017


Don Lynch, SVP, worldwide alliances, Salesforce, says Fullforce Solution partners ensure its customers benefit from proven industry expertise, combined with Salesforce’s Intelligent Customer Success Platform.

“Ultimately, this empowers companies to connect with their customers in entirely new ways,” Lynch says.

Bluewolf to release new Salesforce Fullforce solution for telecommunications: Read More

“Our IBM and Salesforce solutions help us to deliver tailored, responsive services that are a key enabler in transforming how we sell to and serve our clients,” said Brad Pruner, Director, CRM, TELUS. “The value of integrating AI and cognitive capabilities into these solutions will be a source of advantage in a highly competitive industry.”

Bluewolf taps Einstein & Watson to bring AI to telecoms: Read More

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"As a Salesforce and Vlocity global strategic consulting partner, we deliver the strategy and execution to make digital transformation and AI a reality for any industry. Bluewolf AI Now gives CSPs an intelligent, end-to-end digital experience that completely transforms customer engagement," said David Trinh, MD of Bluewolf's Salesforce Go-to-Market Industry Lead business.

Bluewolf announces telco 'augmented intelligence' with Watson and Einstein: Read More

Bluewolf uses Watson and Einstein in AI Now for telecoms: Read More

IBM Bluewolf launches enhanced intelligence solution for operators: Read More

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IBM-Owned Salesforce Superstar Bluewolf Will Release Telco Platform Uniting IBM And Salesforce AI: Read More

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