A New Kind of Commerce Partner: Bluewolf and IBM iX

“The last, best experience anyone has anywhere becomes the minimum expectation for the experience they want everywhere.” - Paul Papas, Global Leader IBM iX 

We love this quote by our global executive for two reasons: it gets at the heart of why human-centered design is so important, and it’s the approach that has helped IBM iX become one of the top global digital agencies.
Earlier this year Bluewolf launched a global Commerce practice, with expertise in Salesforce B2B Commerce (formerly Cloudcraze) and Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware). This new Bluewolf practice connects the deep commerce expertise of IBM iX to the Salesforce ecosystem. 
As part of IBM iX, Bluewolf doesn’t just create experiences; we help organizations turn possibilities into capabilities across commerce, marketing, sales, and service. Great experiences can’t exist without the right strategy, design, and technology. And as digital commerce rapidly evolves, there’s never been a better time to shape the future.

Future-Shaping Experiences with Unified Commerce

Until recently, consumer brands were at the forefront of delivering dynamic, one-to-one personalization and a seamless path to purchase. But as personal and professional lives continue to blend together, B2B companies are increasingly striving to improve the digital commerce experience to exceed the expectations of their buyers. Doing so successfully requires aligning business strategy, design, technology, and AI and utilizing data and insights to scale as your business changes.

In our view, the Salesforce platform is the fastest way for businesses to achieve digital commerce success. Customer journeys don’t start and stop at the transaction; they begin with the discovery of a need and continue as the customer owns and uses the product. That’s why we believe that Marketing Cloud is fundamental to driving engagement that successfully converts, and Service Cloud provides the necessary tools to provide personalized support that retains customers and creates brand advocates. Integrating these two clouds with Commerce Cloud is the foundation for Unified Commerce, which is critical to better serving customers, reducing internal process friction, and innovating faster. 

Creating a Digitally-Led, Connected Brand and Commerce Experience
Sally Beauty, a recently announced commerce client of both Bluewolf and IBM iX, wanted a single partner and team to help them realize their vision with robust capabilities across business strategy, experience design, and the Salesforce platform to lead a digital transformation. In engaging IBM iX and Bluewolf, the company is pursuing a brand transformation and Commerce Cloud refresh. Together, they are designing innovative digital and in-store customer experiences that are influenced by a strong understanding of the brand, the consumer, and the landscape.
Upon project completion, Sally Beauty will have a differentiated brand position, experience, and consistency across channels. With upgraded Endless Aisle capabilities, in-store POS solutions, and a new Amazon marketplace, Sally Beauty is integrating Commerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Service Cloud to support the delivery of seamless, connected customer experiences across the entire customer journey.

The Customer-Centric, Unified Approach Requires Overcoming Either-Or Solutions

The solution is not: 
  • Marketing or Commerce—it’s both.

  • Pre-purchase journey or post-purchase experience—it’s both. 

  • User experience or implementation—it’s both.

  • Front-end or back-end—it’s both.

It’s not one agency or another—it’s Bluewolf, an IBM company, and IBM iX—a single partner with vast capabilities.
We provide end-to-end digital commerce services to empower B2C and B2B companies to make the purchasing experience personalized, effortless, and on demand. We help our clients imagine how their businesses will shape the world for years to come. Then we make it real.

Bluewolf, an IBM Company, is a global consulting agency and proven Salesforce strategic partner that builds digital solutions designed to create results. Now.