myTrailhead: Reflections in Groups of 3

I recently had the opportunity to attend the first myTrailhead Partner Kickstarter Workshop in San Francisco. I have been a huge fan of the public Trailhead platform and was giddy with the thought of getting hands-on with this tool where I can help businesses create and manage their own custom content.

myTrailhead is Trailhead With Your Brand And Your Content

Having implemented Salesforce with many businesses, I totally believe this will be a game changer for scaling employee onboarding, rolling out new features/updates, and at the end of the day, driving adoption. Ultimately, ensuring a better return on their investment --> increased sales and/or improved customer experiences.

Top 3 Current Issues

As I work in change management and user enablement, I am typically responsible for creating the training plan for a Salesforce rollout. During this time, I encounter similar challenges with organizations who think:

  1. Training is a one-time event. Most organization don’t take into consideration new employee onboarding, turnover or working with frequent releases.
  2. Scheduled time-away is hard. While face to face training is normally very effective, it is expensive to bring folks together not only for travel costs but time away from the phone or clients. 
  3. Supporting platforms don't "fit." Some businesses have an external LMS which is of course not part of the in-app experience and is pretty time-consuming to develop content (and usually not fun - for anyone). Other businesses just drop training documents or videos onto a SharePoint site and hope folks might find/use it. Neither situation is favorable to success.

Top 3 Hopes for the Future

  1. Inline editing. Currently, you really shouldn’t plan to write edit the content of your myTrailhead modules and units online. It is recommended you edit externally and then import. Hopefully, that will change soon as I can see frustrations when minor edits are needed or you didn’t back up your work.
  2. Assigning content. I’d also like an easier way to assign content without having to get admins involved. Currently, you can easily assign a Module or Trailmix manually or get someone to automate assignments through process builder. I’d just like to select everyone with a certain profile or hierarchy.
  3. More affordable. I haven’t heard much feedback from businesses about the pricing but $25 per month per person might seem like a lot to swallow. I’m curious as to how this will play for communities (like Partners!) as I think organizations would LOVE a way to easily train their resellers on their products or processes. And I also fear businesses will just invest in the software but not in the PEOPLE needed to make it happen!

Top 3 Key Takeaways    

  1. It takes a village. There will be lots of people involved with creating and running a myTrailhead instance for a company. Writers, subject matter experts, release managers but also those who need to customize reports, page layouts, and automation. I am hopeful that this is understood and folks investing in this tool don’t think that the content will organize itself or fail to allocate enough human resources to this overall.
  2. It will take planning. It takes time and planning to get the content and assessments organized and structured in a way that is fun, engaging and meaningful. Again the investment is not just in the software itself. It really requires a re-evaluation of your company's learning strategy.
  3. This is just the beginning. I see so many cool things to come. Of all of these, the potential for personalization is what I’m most excited about. Personalized assignments based on role for onboarding and maybe just user interest. Recommendations of modules to employees to help them when the need arises. 

I’m so excited to help my clients create a learning experience for their employees that is gamified, personalized and mobile! Let’s roll!

Written by Lisa Dubernard, Manager of Change Management and Learning at Bluewolf, an IBM Company. Reach out to a Salesforce expert today to learn more. 

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