Key Insights into Enterprise Social Collaboration (Series)

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The term ‘social’ is so overused, it can mean just about anything to anybody.

Over the next few weeks, I will discuss several themes that address the key insights that we see working with enterprises on social collaboration strategy. First and foremost, I want to focus on what I mean when I talk about social here. I think Anthony Bradley for Gartner had it right when he said:

Social media is an online environment established for the purpose of mass collaboration.

The definition is solid, but falls short on value. ‘Collaboration’ is all well and good, but what is the outcome? Companies that engage in social collaboration produce ideas and innovation. The outcome is knowledge: knowledge about your customers and knowledge that can be shared across silos within the business. What enterprise does not want that?

In this series, I want to focus more on social collaboration inside the walls (or cyber-walls) of an enterprise where, for too long, collaboration + social were just buzzwords added to the front of a Sharepoint implementation. We’ve come farther along in the realization of what collaboration really means inside an enterprise and, frankly, technology is just one piece of it. This is a hot topic and will continue to be with the proliferation of’s social enterprise positioning (Chatter) and the likes of Jive, GetSatisfaction, Lithium, and other social solutions. I will cover these topics in this ongoing series and hope to shed some light on the value and nature of collaboration in the enterprise.

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Tell me: What does social collaboration mean to your business? Inside your walls, is it getting traction? Why or why not?

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