Keeping Your Sanity During a Technical Transformation

Article was written by Simon Shaw, Customer Service Director

One of the biggest challenges impacting contact centers across all industries is how to adequately respond to the rising expectations of customers. Common challenges include customer data scattered across disparate systems that are difficult for agents to access, and building out omni-channel capabilities, where customers expect companies to keep up with the speed and variety of multiple digital channels, similar as to how they would connect with friends or family. Many of the legacy systems and organisational processes contact centers use today were put in place when a digital presence and personalised data insights were more the exceptions than the standard. These same systems and processes now hinder the ability of customer service organisations to innovate and adapt quickly to changing expectations. The gap between legacy and modern systems allows for new competitors to disrupt their respective industries.

However, a technological transformation on its own doesn’t solve for a business’ initial weaknesses. What will ultimately lead to success is how well an organisation transitions and elevates its employees’ experiences during a technological transformation. As companies embark on their contact center transformation journey, there are three things to keep in mind:

  • Value the employee experience as much as the customer experience. Many organisations are redesigning experiences around the customer, but forget about the service agents delivering customer experience. By designing and implementing processes that benefit the agent, you benefit the customer experience too.
  • Focus on change management and education, not just the technical roadmap. Your people can make or break your organisation’s success with a large-scale transformation project. Be prepared to train and support individuals and teams alike on the new tools and processes, and understand that the learning curve varies for everyone. From The State of Salesforce 2019 report, it’s estimated that 71% of service organisations are planning to invest in training in the next year.
  • Your contact center is a work in progress.Continually improve and build in a feedback loop with both customers and employees that facilitates development. Build in time to review and implement changes that occur as a result of the feedback.

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