Job Hunting: What is your social plan?

October 13, 2011

It is an ongoing battle to keep up with the rapid expansion of the social world. One can not ignore the social movement and should seek to develop their personal brand when looking for a job. Google yourself. Make sure you are marketing yourself effectively!

There are hundreds of ways to job search and thousands of ways to market yourself, but what is the right outlet? What is the most professional, yet creative tone to take - especially for an IT pro? You need to be in the know about the hot topics and technologies.

In the past year, LinkedIn has reached a record breaking number of 100 million users! Within this large number of users, the top percent of members on the site are working in Tech and Finance, 17%and 14% respectively.

Although LinkedIn is associated with the business world, Facebook has trumped all others in the personal world and is now taking the corporate side with it. The number of Facebook users is more than six times the users of LinkedIn. The Wall Street Journal recently found that “candidates have been 50% more likely to apply to positions they found through Facebook than through other means.”

Regardless of what social outlet you choose to use on your job search, make sure you are knowledgeable, conversational and engaging. It’s not the number of social channels you are involved in, but the way you utilize them.

Knowledgeable: You are an IT pro. What specifically are you interested in? The growth of the tablet and mobile movement or maybe the growing demands in big data and virtualization? Set up Google Alerts and stay knowledgeable on the growth of IT. Follow specific tech websites and blogs via email alerts, Twitter, LinkedIn groups or RSS feeds. You will always be ahead of a competitor with a wide knowledge base of your industry.

Conversational: Once you are armed with the knowledge, you can contribute to the online conversations. Share your opinions on those you are following, but always have something additional to contribute. Don’t talk just to talk. Add food for thought, a question or an additional article reference, thereby showing your thought leadership. This continued conversation will show your online credibility.

Engaging: Become a thought leader. Develop your own following. Begin a blog of your own, become a guest blogger or begin discussions on LinkedIn. Engage with those in your industry and write about hot topics. Be sure to encourage continued conversation in your blogs. Whether you are encouraging your follows to take a survey, read an infograph or answer a question, these ways of engagement will drive follows. Put out quality over quantity.

“I found a job posting on a friends Facebook status and conveniently it was a sales opportunities. I got in direct contact with him, came in for the interview and got the job! Lesson- be smart and professional on Facebook. Keep your eyes open because there are jobs everywhere.” says Kim Trubey, one of Bluewolf’s Philly Account Director.

Map out a plan of how to market yourself and the steps to get to this goal. This rapidly growing social world can be overwhelming, but with the right execution plan, you can blow your competition out of the water. Stay knowledgeable, conversational and engaged.

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