Inspiration Daily: Art in Residence at Bluewolf

December 6, 2016

While access to information is easier than ever, it's also easy to settle into comfort zones and fall prey to confirmation bias. And we all know that progress is made when we put ourselves in situations that make us uncomfortable. So, how do we keep on our toes and push our boundaries and limits to achieve more? The simplest way to begin is to cultivate perspective by seeking out ideas and environments that are unfamiliar and engaging with them. 

At Bluewolf, our partnership with Parsons School of Design encourages us to do just that. As part of our scholarship program, we offer a unique professional installation opportunity in our New York office. Students install their work in a six-month rotation, creating a vibrant and engaging atmosphere for our employees and professional community. We offer broad guidelines and few restrictions to allow the artists the freedom to create and communicate in the ways most meaningful to them.

We just celebrated our third art scholarship reception, featuring the work of graduate MFA students Cali Kurlan and Luma Jasim. Kurlan's installation features a combination of photography and print. The pieces deconstruct and highlight different aspects of photography, most notably color, light, and exposure. The effect is a vivid look at the (often-overlooked) complexity behind the photos that we create, share, and cherish on a daily basis. 

Jasim's work and approach is entirely different from Kurlan's. Her installation consists of two mixed media paintings that combine photography, oil paint, and even tar, among other materials. The result is a hauntingly beautiful look at conflict and its inherent challenges–fear, danger, turmoil–but has echoes of resiliency and strength. 

Both artists' installations encourage us to broaden our perspective and, just like rereading a great book, will take on different meaning and nuance over the course of the exhibition. It's an honor to work with and feature such talented students. They do far more than share their art; they share their hearts and minds. They encourage us to consider new perspectives we can bring to bear on our work, which is essential to our growth as the top Salesforce consultants in the world.

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